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Spirit is guiding me to have utter compassion for my brother. To love him despite my fear of losing him. I fear his egoic self is driving him to this oncoming tidal wave of self-destruction. I was so scared this morning during my carpool to work that I silently called on Spirit to help me find a way to help him. I cried out with my Love to ask Spirit to show me a way which may unlock this prison he’s hidden his heart inside!

I asked for clarity on a decision. I feel this driving need to make one in regards to this person and Spirit showed me the numbers 8888* on the side of a car; which I said wasn’t enough. I needed words, a voice, a face. A  more concrete message than just numbers! This was too important to risk ambiguous answers and misconceived interpretations. I worked myself up so much I couldn’t breath! Then immediately they showed me the word “Relax” on a license plate of a passing car. I was so astounded on the clarity of the message and how quickly Spirit responded, I started laughing but I couldn’t stop crying so I was laugh/crying.

My carpool buddies were looking at me cross-eyed, but I had already told them about my emotional meetup the previous night so they knew what I was upset about and kept silent (such great people). I effusively thanked Spirit for the quick and clear response and started working on my breathing to relax.

With each breath I felt the tension and anxiety start to melt away. With each breath I felt the trust, love, and belief in Spirit grow within me again.  I knew they had his back as well as my own and that they would let me know when I could help him if that was my path. With each breath I truly believed that Spirit continues to give him the opportunities to rise above his entanglement. With each breath I felt my faith and my Love for the amazingness of our Universe fill me and I realized I could breath normally again.

I’m sharing this with all of you because I feel this experience is a prime example of our Higher Power and how all those of the octave of Light and above look out for us and are always ready to help in our time of need. I hope this person and those like the person I’m praying for will read this and find the hope in their hearts like I did and allow it to blossom. It’s so hard to to live this Earthly life without the support of our Spirit Team.  They are there for us always and this is a perfect example of how they are standing by, willing and ready to help all of us! They love us so much just open up and allow yourself to feel their Love!

Believe in Them!! Believe in your Higher Self!

Take care, BE Love!!


*oh and btw…, if anyone is wondering, I looked up the interpretation of 8888 here and it states, “The 8888 number sequence may indicate that there is light at the end of the tunnel and in addition it is a message for you not to procrastinate when making your move or enjoying the fruits of your labour.  Make the choices that please you.  That is your reward.”

Thank you Spirit. It’s always easier to see the Light with you ever present by my side. ❤

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