Identity has always been something I’ve had a difficult time writing about.


No, let me rephrase:  My own identity has brought me difficulties in attempts to define.  I have always felt like a conglomeration of so many different people.  A multi-faceted diamond in the rough, sometimes sparkling brightly and sometimes dulled by the dirt and debris of life’s unruly whims tossed upon my iridescent surface, but in either case always there, striving, shining, existing.

But in recent years it has become more clear to me who I am in terms of outward identity.  Along with this clarity has come the realization that sharing who I believe that person to be cements its reality.  The more I share myself on a deep and honest level, the more real I become.

Writing is my becoming.

I’ve kept a journal since I was six years old.  Self-reflective writing is not necessarily a new practice to me.  Sharing it, however, is.  The idea of contributing to a soul-wellness blog intimidated me at first, but I decided it needed to happen for this sole reason (I mean, aside from the fact that you should always consider jumping headfirst into the very things that terrify you): It will further my becoming.  It will grow to encompass an audience that consists of more than just myself. It will blossom into more than just a way to discover my own personal truths and pathway to the higher self; it will be an opportunity to possibly help others.  Discovery through stories, through honesty.

So, inspired by the light and love of my beautiful soul sister, I cast aside fear and make my choices based on love. Love for myself, love for others, love for the perpetual thrill ride that we call life and the myriad ways in which we have the power to determine its course.

~Ashley, tryingsofter

“Instead of trying harder, try softer.” —Eleanor Roosevelt

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