A Message Heeded

I don’t’ know about any of you, but I have been utterly exhausted on all levels of my BEing: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I understand why; that I am in the middle of peeling back yet another layer of Consciousness (there are so many!), but it’s so hard to find the strength to keep going sometimes. Especially since I tend to see myself as having both feet in two different realities, which can oftimes be very confusing.

Living a 5D reality within a 3D world is not the easy walk that phrase makes one to believe. Yes you are able to let go of a lot more drama, enjoy living authentically, and discernment is on ultramax-high volume (which certainly helps), but it also feels like a new level of “ascension testing,” (for lack of a better description of what I’m feeling) has arisen.

It’s like I graduated the High School version of Spiritual School and now I’m in Spiritual College. And I’m learning very quickly that I should have stepped it up a notch in High School and taken those AP courses because sometimes I feel like I’m falling behind due to lack of knowledge, or memory to be more precise.

Every night I’m dragging and fall asleep in seconds, but it feels as if all I’ve done is blinked when I wake up the next morning. I don’t feel rested at all. I feel like I’ve been running a marathon and continue to do so in my dreams. I’ve come to understand that this is because I am “continuing to run a marathon” while sleeping. My lucid dreaming has increased and I remember having one a month and a half ago, which I wrote about since it was very clear and distinctive.

This dream though…, it felt completely different than the other dreams.  I don’t have many lucid dreams as it is, so I felt compelled to record this one here. I knew it was a precog dream when I wrote it (hence the tags at the bottom), and I also knew I was being warned to take my family in hand and lead them through the emotional upheaval this would cause all of us, but in my naivete’, I thought I would have more time.

The dream will have fully run its course before the end of this year and last week I finally accepted the task I was given. I was resisting because I wasn’t comfortable letting go of a past issue that’s been a part of our family drama this entire current lifetime. Thankfully, since this acceptance, I have felt the support of my guides and the exhaustion has lifted.

I asked for strength and I have received. I also realized it was my own doing, my own resistance, to “hearing guidance” that has pulled on my inner-strength. Once I let go of my fear and egoic sense of this idea that I needed to Know what was happening, did I finally understand that All is being taken care of behind the scenes. That I don’t need to do anything but trust that all will be revealed to me when it is time for me to Know.

My Spirit Guides gave me 45 days warning lead time with their “message in a bottle,” which was the perfect amount of time I needed to come around. THEY knew this, and their lesson? Trust and Relax; all is always being taken care of for our Highest Good.

Now, I’m being guided by Spirit that there is a light at the end of the tunnel so no worries, my hope was/is never depleted. I just wanted to share with all of you that even someone like me, who is predominantly optimistic, fully connected with the Angelic Realm, and my Faith in Humanity as large as one can ever imagine, has her days too.

I love all of you and continue to shine my Light. Thank you for just Being Present.

Love and Light to each one of you.


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