Having more than one voice to share the same story adds a certain depth to one’s song. I hope to add those voices in harmony with mine to enrich the reader’s senses who come for guidance, healing, or just plain clicker-happy fingers. I’ve always felt there are no such things as happy accidents.

You found Peaceful Endeavors for a reason. Let that reason blossom in you and mature into a beautiful flower full of color, freshness, and everything your soul needs to feel happy and free. Please allow communion with us and let your emotions flow as we flow. Release and let go.

I’d like to introduce my first harmonizer to Peaceful Endeavors, my beautiful soul sister, Ashley. She has been and still is an amazing influence in my life. She was the first woman to show me that emotions are not a thing of weakness or something to fear, but a wonderful gift to cherish and nurture. So often I realize that her perspective on the smaller things in life are ever unique and very touching. Something I would never ponder on my own if it weren’t for her heart to guide me there.  Please welcome her, as I do, with an open soul and let her words immerse themselves in you so that her newfound path of healing can start to heal in you as well.

Remember, you are loved.

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