KimberlyBay Area Lifer: Super IT Girl by day, frantic and effusive writer by night, and a mother always.

I spend every other weekend and half the summer with my two daughters.  I lost custody back in 2007 during the height of my last bipolar episode.  The time I’m not with them I spend looking inward and remembering who I AM.

Peaceful Endeavors is about healing, personal growth, and tribute to the rest of the universe. Giving thanks for allowing us the grace to find a truer purpose in this life. I’m hoping to share a bit of my knowledge gained during the trials and tribulations of a young mother’s life still in the grips of self-identification when all hell broke loose.

During what was suppose to be the height of a new mother’s life, struck down by postpartum depression (twice) which then triggered a long dormant genetic predisposition, Bipolarism.   Misdiagnosed for years, inflamed by prescriptions we now know only exacerbates a manic-depressive, and then eventually signed off by my family and friends as, “crazy with grief,” “lazy, with screwed up priorities,” or my personal favorite, “a horrible and selfish mother.”

I’ve endured and overcome despite the years of frantic, confusing, and destructive hardship.  And I owe most of it to one individual therapist who finally got it right and pointed me down the correct path of healing.  The upteenth one, mind you, and 10 years later.

It’s been five years now since that glorious day of validation and enlightenment. My first born is now a beautiful 15 year old and I cry everyday at the sheer joy of seeing her smile.  She and her sister help me everyday to relearn how to live my life after bipolarism. Some days are harder than others, but their constant understanding, compassion, and endless love have helped me more than they will ever know. At least until that time when they have their own precious lovebugs. ❤

 Forever grateful for the quality of life I’ve achieved thus far,
 ~Kimberly, smylz8
Lover of Light and Life

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