Guided in Love

I sit calmly within the midst of absolute chaos. I see it all; am but a part of it all, and apart from it all. The endless change. The fluidity of life. The one reliable and comforting constant: movement, transition, change. So many names but always the same meaning.

411e64d8f5b2c4f523524e118e641760Horse Spirit came to me recently, both in my waking and half-sleep life. He made himself known to me at the beginning of my awakening a few years back when he asked me to create this blog. Now he comes to me again to inform of new and profound change that will not only need speed in decision-making but passion to charge through the chaos that will eventually ensue.

He brings with him messages of comfort in his presence. A Knowing that all of my requests for guidance have been answered and all I need do now is but follow the path before me, take the leap without hesitation once the chasm reveals itself, and believe in my heart and soul that I will make it to the other side, no matter how far the leap seems.

He reminds me all is just an illusion. The chasm isn’t deep at all. The other side is only a small step in comparison to the truth laid out before me. I only need believe in myself and my abilities which will keep me aloft the entire time.

In my acknowledgement of his message I see upon his back the grace of supporting angels and ascended masters that have been with me my entire life and I know I am Loved. I bow my head in gracious thanks to Horse and the message he carries upon his back in selfless service.



In reflection, I believe I’ve learned to live in two realities: duality and non-duality, the secular and spiritual, the physical and metaphysical. Always the pull back into other’s belief systems is hard to resist since most of us live within a very conditioned world and can only understand life from that perspective. So in order to fulfill that need for connection with others, without losing oneself within the drama that is life, one must keep a foot in the always shifting and sometimes strong undercurrents of water and the other on the very grounded shore.

This balancing act is tenuous. The path is only clear for those willing to SEE with their heart and not their eyes. The guidance can only be heeded by those willing to HEAR with their entire self and not just the self they think themselves to be. The body will even warn the mind if the mind is open enough to listen. It’s always there, inside, waiting for us to grasp the reins to our own life and exalt in pure joy for the sheer thrill of the ride.

All of the signs are there to be witnessed, all questions can be answered, we only need observe and follow along; enjoying the ride and all of its extravagances. Whether it takes us through dark and scary tunnels that seem to go on forever or rises above turbulent waters to clear cloudless skies where one can see for miles and miles.

It is all just a ride we purchased this ticket for in advance. We knew what we were in for and we asked for this fright; this excitement; this experience. We asked and we granted for ourselves this opportunity for growth. This exceptional accordance of theory in application. One couldn’t ask for more than this perfect example of the extraordinary, except perhaps for a wilder ride and a wider ability to grasp that which we have yet to understand.

I sit calmly within the midst of absolute chaos. I see it all; am but a part of it all, and apart from it all. In an endless wave of awe at the mastery of our universe, I can’t even begin to put into words feature-9-1024x683how grateful I am to comprehend even this much of what our existence means to each one of us, but I will always try. Heartfelt expression is but the start of my willing obeyance to that which I know is my truth. In this I give love and praise to the glory of life and death, the cycles of our universe, its beginnings and endings, and its wonder of wonders.

I look forward with nervous anticipation for the coming change. I accept all that comes towards me as I know all that happens is for the benefit of everyone involved. Thank you for my existence. Thank you for my opportunities to learn. Thank you for all that you are, for you are me, I am you, and we are one.



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