imagesJust finished watching “The Best of Me” with my mother; a movie based on a book by Nicholas Sparks.  And “Louder than Words,” which is based on a true story behind the creation of the only children’s hospital in the nation named after a child, the Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital in New York. Once again, both were suggested by my mother, whom I am learning has a very long repertoire of amazing, emotionally deep, and inspiring movies. Ones that make me take a deeper look, not only at just my mother, but at the reason behind why she seems to be the conduit of such synchronistic messages in which I’m receiving on my own as well as what now seems to be in life.

p10695418_p_v8_abWhen I first started to hear about synchronicity as a true phenomena in regards to higher learning, or becoming open to the higher realms of life not everyone is attune to, I attributed it to exactly what all of us attribute them to: coincidences.  Only realizing after becoming self-aware that this word, “coincidence” is the illusion and, “synchronicity,” the reality this entire time.

Watching each of the characters play their roles across the screen continuously hit a chord of synchronicity in my own life; whether it be an actual event that took place or just a plain “ah ha” moment, I was then able to relate and resolve a lingering issue I had no idea had been there all in the blink of one scene to the next.  Which, as I understand it, was never the entire intent but only the launching into a whole new world of existing I had never even considered up until that moment, or consecutive moments.  Also, the fact that almost everything I see now has a message behind every moment, every nuance, every half look and held breath.  That for every word NOT spoken in itself is a message, if only I’m aware and open enough to see, hits me square in the gut.

Since my first acknowledged sycnhronistic message last month they have been growing in number exponentially.  Most of them come as repeating angel numbers but lately they have been happening in life as messages from the Divine as an absolute Knowing. The only way to describe the sensation is one minute I’m asking myself a question, the next I Know the answer. Half the time they are very vague and barely formed but only in a logical sense. More often than not I understand what I’m asking emotionally and so do those that are listening and they answer me every single time. Not in any kind of language you or I would understand but more in a feeling. It kind of makes sense when you think about it. My question was formed emotionally, so I was answered emotionally.

For example, I may worry about an upcoming meeting and whether or not I am fully prepared. I would sit there and fret, double-checking my work, triple-checking that I covered all of my bases…, then I would realize that I was needlessly worrying. That I was putting myself through unnecessary suffering over an illusory fear of my own making. I would remind myself that I needed to stop and take a moment to BE and Breathe.  After taking that moment a feeling of total calm and confidence would then imbue itself in me and I would no longer worry about being unprepared. I Knew that all would be well and that whatever transpired from this meeting was meant to be and that I should just go with the flow.

Another example, one more obvious than just a feeling, would consist of repeating numbered messages.  Sometimes my mind would wander between that space of conscious and unconscious thinking then all of sudden I’m faced with a repetitive number that seems to pop out of thin air.  Whether on a license plate, road sign, GPS, phone, piece of mail, gas station pump, or practically anything that’s capable of transmitting numbers (it’s anyone’s guess), and the more aware I become the more incoming messages flood my purview.  Now that I’m receiving so many of them, half the time I can’t look up their meaning, and some of them I’ve received so often I no longer need to look them up. But the great thing about Divine messages is you don’t have to know their meaning in order to fully receive them. You just have to acknowledge them for what they are and trust that the universe is working in your favor to achieve for you your highest good.

I do trust and I’m thankful for their working with my best interests at all times, but now I find myself questioning the method in which I receive these messages. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not questioning the message itself or that they come from my Higher Self, or Angels, or the Creator even, I am merely questioning the vessel in which the messages are transported. Like my mother for instance.  Why has SHE all of sudden become this awesome resource of reflective media? OR…has she always been this way and I’m only now appreciating her in this manner due to my change in perspective as no longer a physical being with a soul, but a Soul having a physical experience?

Is this all due to Divine Timing (of course it is), but why her and why now? Does she see what I see when we watch these movies? Does she connect the dots as I do when each message is bestowed in such a poignant way? Is this her way of communicating with me that she is also aware just unable to plainly say what it is exactly that she’s aware? What holds me back from directly confronting her with mine own questions?

Her and I have already connected on a spiritual level and we both understand one another in a way we’ve never understood each other before. Is this the Universe’s way of informing me there is still much to learn of each other or of life in general? Is my mother, who already has a healthy understanding that there is more to life than meets the eye, starting to seek her own answers? Are these movies just a precursor to her own inner conflict of love and compassion that is missing in her life? It could be as simple as that, but why am I being shown this? What is my role here?

What is the lesson I’m suppose to glean from this?  I’ve considered the possibility of the vessel not being a factor that needs contemplation, since the message itself is the reason behind all, but as I’ve learned along my path, not all messages come so prettily packaged with instructions.  And they usually come double-wrapped with hidden meaning galore, jam-packed among all the distracting ribbons and bows.  So I’ve learned to listen to my annoying follow-up questions for somewhere deep inside them sits the answers I seek.

[How true to word…Just as I finished typing that last sentence I received a confirmation message from my Angels that my thinking is right on the money with a double 1010. That’s fantastic! All I need do now is wait and trust in Divine Timing that my answers will come when I’m ready to receive them. Everything, always in its perfect time.]

Good night dear ones. I must be off to bed now just so I can wake up at exactly 2:30 am, 3:30 am, then 4:30 am, only to wake up wide eyed and bushy-tailed at 5:30 am again as I’ve been wont to do for the past few weeks…ugh…oh well. Everything is for a reason and we’re all just here to enjoy life and its flow.

Take care, BE Love. ❤

We are all loved. Namaste.

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