Finding Silence

It’s been quiet lately, not just in life but in my Soul.

It almost seems surreal since the last few months have been an influx of lesson, after revelation, after lesson over and over again.

While taking a nap a week ago I had a minor vision of a horse. It was just a shadow of his head, barely there and all black. A black horse. It almost felt like it peeked out at me while I was floating within the easy recesses of my half awake/half slumbering mind. I haven’t thought about that vision for awhile. Almost telling myself it wasn’t time to think on the implications, but now I feel it’s time.

I looked up the meaning of what a black horse totem means and I found this:

Black horse totem

A black horse in a dream could represent a part of the shadow self or a part of your personality that you usually prefer to keep hidden; instinctual urges operating in the dark recess of your mind; the unknown, what is mysterious. (source)

Which is completely true. I do prefer to keep my shadow self, or the more esoteric parts of myself, hidden. At least from the parts of my life that I’m forced to interface publicly everyday. Just as Malidoma Patrice Some’ beleives that to keep one’s magic hidden only enforces its strength when used, but my reasoning is more fear based than practical unfortunately. Only one Soul truly knows who I am and that is the One that is part of me, the entire ME.

She feels everything that I AM and everything that I can be. She is everything that I AM and AM NOT. She accepts and loves all of me, even the parts that I am still learning to accept and love myself. She is the part I cherish and protect as well as the part I am learning needs no protection; for all of life is an experience, even the painful parts. She loves them all and can’t discriminate. It is not in Her nature to do so. She is beautiful and free and sees All as She is seen for She reflects only who She is, which is Me.

The Horse spirit animal itself depicts other things like life energy, drive, ambition, freedom of spirit, authenticity, and sexual desire, and I resonate most with this personal drive to live a free and authenticate life of Spiritual Flow. To be Me all the time in the face of all judgement and fear, without being affected by any of it. I have this deep desire to reconnect with my true self on ALL levels of my life and to do so requires this perfect authenticity of life.

I asked my Higher Self and Angels what was required next of me and this is what they showed. That I need to step out of my comfort zone and start to BE ME in every aspect of my life. To no longer fear rejection since there is no such thing. There is only LOVE! I am forever grateful for the path that was so clearly and lovingly revealed.  The gentleness in which my life flows among the Universe now is an ever softening glow of light and warmth and I am I held within its arms of unending peace and love. Thank you.

We are all loved.

Take care, BE Love. ❤


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