Last night as I was getting ready for bed, preparing to meditate, I heard an owl. Living in the redwoods you’d think I’d hear that every night, but no this was a first. I’ve often wondered why. I remember hearing their call often as a child, but could never remember any recent encounters since growing into my adulthood. I’ve attributed it to the overpopulation of humans in any given city, but thought at least here in the mountains they would still reign. I’ve lived here for almost two years and not once was I made aware of their presence.  I paused, listened, and silently thanked the Universe for bringing my birth animal back, for I thought they truly left me.

I also wondered what his appearance after all this time meant.  When owls make themselves known it is usually as the harbinger of death. Not always the death of the living, but a symbolic death or the death of a way of life that no longer serves us. A final transition or change into a new way of living or BEing. They also mean Night Seer, as in the ability to see past illusion, deceit, and masks; alluding to our power of sight being strongest within the unknown/darkness/shadow of humanity. Intuition already being my strong suit is now telling me its about to get stronger.

Excited and admittedly a bit nervous, I commenced with my nightly meditation. As for the last few weeks I focused on aligning with my Higher Self and True Soul Purpose. I’ve felt the call more and more every day. I breathed and released all of who I thought I was to allow as much room for who I really am to come through and fill me up; asking my Spirit Guides to lead me where I’m destined to go.

I never pay attention to the time while meditating, but by the time I opened my eyes again the house was pitch black and everyone asleep.  Even my five month old, gray tabby kitten, Aramis, who has made himself quite comfortable on my stomach. I must have gone deep this time because my ten year old daughter was able to make it into bed with me without my noticing (the little stinker).

Something caught the corner of my eye above my bed on the ceiling. Something was moving, but it was too dark to tell if my eyes were just adjusting to what little light there was in the room or I really saw something.  I grabbed my cell phone and lit the display to get a bit more light and see only normal, white ceiling. Slowly I angle my phone so the light reaches all four corners and I ascertain there is nothing that shouldn’t be with us in the room. Then turn and place my cell phone face down on my bedside table to dim the light once more and dropped all of us back into pure night; barely lit by the wash of moonlight slithering through the blinds behind my bed.

Once again I see movement, dark movement above which physically startles me enough to wake Aramis. Not sure what to make of what I see, I look to Aramis knowing his eyes and senses are better than mine. I watch him see me and then look around, apparently unalarmed by the movement above us, he lays his head back down and starts to purr. Contented enough that whatever is happening above us is at least normal by cat standards, I resolve myself to accept what I see and release my fear on an exhale of breath (If you don’t already know, cats walk the line between dimensions of existence on a normal basis and see more than you or I will ever know, at least for now). I turn to my left to see if my daughter is at all bothered, and hearing her cute little baby snores, she’s definitely checked out for the night and not bothered one bit.

Reaffirming my resolve and looking back up to the ceiling, which has now coalesced into a moving portrait of night sky (I’m serious, it’s like a vibrating hole has appeared within what used to be my ceiling and I’m staring through it directly at the stars above my house), I’m stunned into stillness.  Absolute astonishment floods my mind and further I realize I’m not actually looking at the night sky, but only a reflection of it, as if I’m really looking into a rippling pond. But this rippling pond isn’t just reflecting the night sky above me…, No…, its reflecting ALL of the night skies everywhere at one time. Our entire universe is being reflected back at me as if I’m staring into a mirror.  I don’t know why, but I automatically reach out with my left hand as if to dip it into the “pond/mirror” and one second I’m about to laugh at myself for thinking I’d feel anything…, and the next second… I’m feeling something!

Have you ever felt that feeling just before a lighting storm? Do you remember that feeling of heaviness in the air, as if something is building and about to explode? Then the next moment, after the lightning strikes and just before it completely dissipates…, Do you remember the feeling of all of that quickly released energy? All that energy… all that wonderful, scary, and amazingly warm, magnetic, and tingling energy.  I felt that as I dipped my hand into the reflective “pond/mirror” above my head! I reached with my other hand and felt it again!  I kept playing with it to feel how much more I could feel, to see if I could manipulate more rippling effects, but all I ended up doing was watching the reflective “lights” (stars?) within this “pond/mirror” play around my hands. It was amazing!  Soon I was having so much fun that Aramis decides to play too, but I haven’t cut his claws since I rescued him a couple of months ago and he catches my right hand with his razor sharp paws.

The pain brings me completely back to ground level and I wince my eyes closed and pull my hands close to my body once more. Quickly though, I reopen my eyes and look back up at the ceiling of my bedroom, but it’s too late, and all I see is the white ceiling in the dark of my now very normal bedroom once again.  I’m disappointed but completely understand what just transpired.

I was looking into a mirror and I saw the Universe reflected back at me.

As I turn the lamp on from my beside table and find my way to the bathroom to clean yet another “Love Scratch” or the “Ari Special” as my friends like to call them, I understand that I’ve been given a gift, (or rather an answer, however one likes to look at it).  For I asked, have been asking, to remember who I truly AM.  And this glimpse into the reflective pond or mirror was showing me the vast wholeness of our entire universe and that IT was Me. That I AM to remember I am not only an aspect of one Soul having one of multiple human experiences happening all at once, but I AM the entirety of it.  Ohohooo.., life just a got a bit more interesting!



We are One


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