See me see you

I am slowly realizing that my empathy is paralyzing.

That my ability to see your tears when there are none,

Is a gift for us and no one.

It was for you to take and blossom.

To take my love and blossom under my care.

But you turned and it was swept away on the air.

How could you let it fly past you? It was right there…

Why would I give you my love just to have it disposed of?

Why would I hand you my heart just to see it start,

To melt and fall between the cracks of your god-forsaken day?

I was put on this earth to soothe you and move you,

To love you and behoove you, to love yourself and find your way.

It hurts to sit here and witness the atrocity of your witless,

And careless, un-abiding, hating-parade.

Please come up from your low and see yourself bask in the glow,

Of my love for you and how I see you, beautiful and whole.

You are the majestic fantastic, the forever enthusiastic,

The wanting, transformative soul.

Come see you and love you, my mirror is tried and true.

Come see you as I see you and love you whole.

I only wish that you can see me love you whole.

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