Amateur at Love?

I profess: I’m an amateur at everything, even love (I know, so weird right?!). Love is the only thing I find enjoyment in writing about and yet… I still feel like a kid in kindergarten when it comes to learning about all of the different aspects of Love. I willingly admit I don’t know everything when it comes to love, and I learn it all as I go along each and every single day.

In my open acceptance of “not knowing everything” I leave myself open to always learning and therefore understanding that love is an ever-changing pattern of what I thought I understood perfectly one day to—well shoot, I guess I didn’t—the very next day. But the amazing part is I wasn’t completely incorrect, I just didn’t know the whole story.

And that’s how we’ll begin here:

Do you know the whole story of you?

Everyone comes with baggage.

Some have more than others. Some have a difficult time carrying theirs alone and others have learned to hire a monkey to carry all of it for them (poor little monkeys). The real question here is: do you allow yourself any time to actually take a peek at that baggage and possibly sort it out; take a good look at everything and consider maybe getting rid of any, or putting them away in a place it belongs?

If you’ve at least considered that, great first step! If you don’t even want to bother with that idea and instead increase your monkey’s rations of bananas, then please, don’t stop reading.


If you would like to keep reading this article, click this link: How to Know You’re Not Ready for Love

Another collaboration.

Take care, BE Love.


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