Using Mindfulness to Date Better

Whether you’re looking to quell the anxieties of dating or calling to the Universe to find your one true love, mindful living can help you date better.

We’ve all been there before. You’ve met someone, they’re amazing. So far this person is everything you’re looking for: smart, funny, romantic, sensitive, driven, family-oriented, educated, the works. You’ve been talking for a few days now and you’re just waiting for the right time to ask this person out. You tell yourself you’re still feeling them out. Making sure they like you; reading all of the body language and innuendo, reassuring yourself before making that head-long plunge. Or maybe you’re old-fashioned and you want to allow them to take the lead, but their lead seems to be going nowhere no matter how hard or obvious you tug the line, and your patience is starting to wear thin.

What do you do?

I know some of you may let your frustration get the best of you and you’ll decide to run full-tilt with an ultimatum, which usually has people running full-tilt in the complete opposite direction (or who knows you may luck out and they like an aggressive go-getter). Or your emotions may fall flat, and with it your hopes of ever finding true love, giving up on the entire idea of dating. This, with all intents and purposes, creates the same reaction as before with your crush walking away confused because a minute ago you seemed totally into them and then the next minute you don’t even acknowledge their existence.

No wonder most people find dating such a trial!

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