Are Soulmates Real?

There have been so many articles written on this topic, so many perspectives taken. I should know. I’m pretty sure I stayed up into the wee hours of the night reading all of them in answer to that deep longing I felt inside that they just had to be real. I mean finding that one true mate who just completes you and solidifies everything about your life; that would be ideal right? To find that one person who just “gets you.” Is it even possible?

Are soulmates an actual thing or just a fantasy some lonely person thought up to justify their inability to get along with others?

Before I delve into my own opinion of this somewhat elusive answer, I’d like to take a step back and just consider why I even needed this soulmate phenomenon to be real:

I was lonely, alone, and fast-approaching year two of my umpteenth breakup from god-knows-how-the-hell-or-who-even-cares-why-anymore… The thought of opening up to the dank and dirty dating pool again was just an absolute turn off and had me considering celibacy as a new lifestyle choice instead of lifestyle hazard. I then adopted a rescue kitten and named him my new best friend (whether he wanted to be or not).

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