No More Apologies

I realize that I often apologize.

When I’m not apologizing out loud, to others, I am saying it to myself and cringing at the Truth of Me.

Why do I cringe?

Why do I flinch?

Why have I conditioned myself to apologize immediately for actions that are, and always will be, wholeheartedly me?

Why do I apologize for loving passionately all that I do and all who I love?

I’m not at all ashamed by the action of expressing love in all of its myriad and beautiful forms.

I enjoy embodying love of all things and everyone completely. It fills me up inside to love this deeply.

I realize I hide who I AM.

I realize I pick and choose to whom I reveal my truth.

I realize I apologize for others.

I apologize on the assumption that my behavior is judged, criticized, and unaccepted; therefore a possible affront and rejection.

I apologize on the assumption that they cannot accept all of me, and therefore hold most of me inside until I can no longer and explode in apology after apology.

I apologize on the assumption of others due to my past experiences.

Time to let go of the past completely and step into my unabashed AUTHENTICITY.

I’ve decided, no more apologies.

I will unapologetically BE ME in all of MY Glory.


I will OWN who I AM,

Every day, with every breath I take.


I finally choose to be ME!

You either accept me or you don’t and that’s okay,

I love you anyway.


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