The Time to Choose is Now

It use to be unfathomable, the depths of love one can have/feel/give for all and everything inside and outside of one’s experience; but, now it’s no longer that unbelievable.  Now it is right, and true, and perfect. Now it is always the silent answer to an even more silent yet persistent query. The one that is always in your heart. The one that is always in your soul throughout your entire experience. The one you ask yourself indefinitely with each new opportunity:


Why me?

Why now?

Why this?

Why again?

Why not someone else?

Why does this keep happening?

Why can’t I break free and turn it off?

Why does my world feel like a bad movie stuck on repeat?

Why do I constantly disappoint myself and those I love around me?

Why do I feel so alone even though every day I am surrounded by those who love me?

If you resonate with any one of these questions, congratulations, you’re on the path to self-awareness. The next question I’d like you to ask yourself now is, are you ready to answer them?  If you are, then read on. If you aren’t, go back and start at the beginning of my blog and maybe you’ll feel ready after your second go around. If not, go back and read it all again.

If you’re still not ready after the third-times-a-charm, then stop reading and go live your life. Your answers aren’t here anyway. Your answers will always be within you. All my words provide are a possible key to unlocking your own mystery, but only ever a possibility. If you want certainty, then look within and trust your own instincts, for they always have value and worth no matter what others, or even YOU, may think. YOU have value and worth. All of us do, you only need to believe.

I believe in you. I believe in all of you. I know in my heart that you will find the answers you seek for they are already seeking you.  How do I know this? (Have you been reading my blog??? ;p) I know this because the same answers have been seeking me. We are all one and we all seek the same answers, sometimes we’re just so caught up in the dramas of our lives to see the story for what it is: A story.

One where we have all the power necessary to put aside and pick up a new story. This time a story with an real ending. One perhaps that doesn’t end with a cliffhanger of any kind or even a complete and happy ending, but one that fills us with a sense of rightness, wholeness, and a lingering satisfaction that the story you’re a part of is just a part of a bigger story.  One that includes all of us learning from each other and growing based off the experiences/relationships we each have with one another.

A story which aligns with our true, inner-reality and actually creates an easier path to follow; surrounded by lush greenery, wondrous sights, and endless light at the end of each dark path. Ah yes, there will still be darkness, but a darkness in which all of us can always see the light, for you can never have one without the other. The gift is in the Knowing that you can never experience love without fear, light without darkness, abundance without lack.

Practice the Gift of Non-attachment and release your fear of experiencing loss, because the possibility of loss only means you HAVE what you fear losing RIGHT NOW. Try not to focus on a possibility and instead try to focus on the certainty of what you already have. Live now, be present in your life not just for you, but for others around you that need your light to shine on them because their light isn’t bright enough to shine on its own (yet).

What you have before you, and everyone else has before them, are exactly what we need in order to be happy right now. All we need do to perceive abundance is just that, perceive the abundance of that which is already here right in front of us. Perceive the lesson that Life is trying to teach us, which is that we already have that which we need to be happy.

Financial problems? Relationship and trust issues? Career troubles? Body image dysmorphia? Emotional ups and downs? Or just overall bad luck in everything you attempt to do? These are all lessons we choose to learn. I know, I know… you’re thinking, why would anyone choose to put ourselves through hell? …Well, for the simple ability to discern heaven once the opportunity to chose is upon us. And the opportunities are always upon us.

Just think about it. Living Heaven on Earth without needing to wait until our life ends? Doesn’t that sound like a dream of paradise come true? The greatest thing about it, is it doesn’t have to be a dream. What we live right now is a dream… or in most cases a nightmare, but we have the power to wake up from this dream/nightmare. We have the power to choose to wake up and live the reality of Heaven on Earth now. Isn’t that amazing? This power to choose! This power that we never perceived ourselves to have. The power of Choice.

The Gift of Free-will that God gave us upon our evolution of self-awareness. He/She is giving it to us again and again in the living of our lessons. To choose to either repeat patterns of heartache and sorrow, or to finally choose the life of forgiveness, understanding, compassion and love.  It is our choice! It is always our choice!

All it starts with is one tiny, itty-bitty change in perception. That’s it! Just one tiny change can manifest an entire world of difference! You’re thinking it can’t possibly this easy can it?  Of course it can. This is your world after all; this is your story. You can change the words to your story any time you want. All you need do is choose. Choose now! Your life is waiting for you!

Remember, I love you.

I believe in you. And when YOU start to believe in YOU the universe can do nothing else but reflect back that which you put out into the universe, and everyone else will be helpless but to believe in you too.

Take care, BE Love.

We are one.




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