Giving Thanks

Life is starting to become so clear its uncanny. The path is unfolding. The signs more consistent and comprehensible. The subtleties of life no longer quite so subtle and the once lasting traumatic marks of living, no longer quite so indelible.

With each new day comes a new understanding; another lesson learned.  And with the coming of each new night another gift unwrapped, revealing within the light of forgiveness and unconditional love.

I feel newly minted…, freshly pressed…, fully integrated and made whole, or at least more whole than I have ever allowed myself to become. I have done the work, continue to do so, and the rewards of such hard work are making themselves known in abundantly clear and no uncertain terms.

One would think I held the universe within the palm of my hands with such sure and practical arrogance, but truly it is the other way around. The universe holds me in the palm of her hand, and with the other caresses me softly and with care; for the love she showers upon my head are wonderfully warm and exquisitely sweet.

The puzzle pieces of my life are finally coming together and forming a more recognizable picture. I remember who I am again. I remember why I’m here. I’m cleansed and made whole; forged by the fire of rebirth, rising from the ashes.

How utterly perfect and beautiful that it happen on this first day of the Spring Equinox.  Such a perfect and unassuming day. It was quite a funny day too. I woke up completely on the wrong side of the bed and now I’m about to fall asleep with the perfect understanding of the gift that actually was.  That our entire existence and each one of our micro-cosmic experiences are gifts just waiting for us to see and accept.

This blog shall be a short and sweet one, for the gifts made known to me are mine alone, but attainable for all if only they so choose.  Thank you for this day and all of the days before and after that have and will lead me exactly down this path of redemption and fully-realized faith. I am, and will continue to be, forever grateful.

Although, I shall not leave you wanting for there is a message specifically for you in all of this, all you need do is see it and accept. I will be here waiting and holding space for you. And when you finally do accept, I will be here still to help you understand in any way I can.


I love you.

We are one.


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