My Sacred Heart

I AM that I AM.

I AM ever thankful for the gift of insight.

I AM fully present for every opportunity to grow.

I AM always surrounded by the abundance of Love.

I AM fully aware of the support given unto me.

I AM ever thankful for the Light.

I AM grateful for Now.


With each new day, comes with it a new blessing of understanding and grace.  One to hold close and cherish its absolute perfection for it was given unto each one of us as a beautiful gift of Love; in which we always have the choice to receive. Thank you for this opportunity to receive and Love myself, so that I may continue to give Love to others and spread the Light in its ever present abundance. And so it is.

~ My Intention Prayer for 2016 ~

Last year I asked for clarity and understanding, a closer relationship to God and therefore to myself, healing for my heart, and reconnection for my soul.  What took months of contemplation and reflection, constant vigilance and discipline, and in the end basic trust and faith in our Universe, has finally culminated into simple profundity.  Yet it didn’t feel simple while in process, but only after the fact (as always).

I finally understand that everything I asked for was one in the same and that I never need ASK at all, but just BE.  I already had that in which I sought because it was always within me. I just had to SEE.

I AM that which I SEEK for that which I SEEK, SEEKS ME.

I never fully understood that phrase of unknown origin until now. I thought I fully understood that to Co-create with God one need to just let go and BE, but I never correlated it with the fact that in order to BE that which you SEEK you need only to stop Seeking and just BE;  it’s as simple as stepping into that reality of Now. By changing YOU and how you perceive yourself as “Someone Seeking” instead into “Someone BEing” you therefore have co-created with God that which you wish to BE in that instant.

So simple, yet so so profound in its simplicity. I’m reminded of this very intense introduction to channeling almost a year ago by Bashar (<—— click on name for video) and how it barely made sense to me then, but tickled my memory enough to gain a foothold for full realization later.  I remember touting the simplicity of “BEing,” but it only held worth within the lessons I already learned and not at all within those I thought I still needed to learn.

I forgot that I have already learned all of them. I forgot the simplicity of just BEcoming. But in order for me to BEcome I needed to first make space for more light by letting go of old energies and perspectives that no longer served my highest good; and the Universe conspired to help me do just that.

I fell into a state of fugue these past few days into the “new year.” I called it “the flu” to those who only understood it as such, but I knew it was a clearing/healing/detoxing taking place. I knew I needed to take time for myself in order to reflect and contemplate that which I am finally choosing to let go and BEcome.

I opened myself to the understanding of such clearing and allowed All That Is to just BE.  This in turn allowed the Universe to bring my oldest daughter home for an unscheduled visit of her own choosing. During this rare gift we talked about emotions that have been held inside too long. Together, within this angelic cocoon of safety, we were able to bring to light that which was necessary for healing.

My daughter was the divine messenger in this case. She was able to show me that it wasn’t acceptance of our current separate living situation that I was looking to master, but Forgiveness. She was also able to further convey, with such open love in her eyes, that it wasn’t hers or her sister’s forgiveness of past transgressions as a mother that I was seeking, but my own.

In her Love of me and her careful words she showed me that she and her sister had no need to forgive that which was in the past because they live in a place of present graciousness.  They love that I am here and present with them now no matter what darkness took me away from them before.  She confirmed that which I already knew for myself was the same for her. That she understands all things happen for a reason and the reason for my darkness was so that I may come back to them now, as a whole being and share my light with them. It was an absolutely soul-freeing union of two connected hearts into One that it moved both of us to unified tears of healing.

I’ve known since before their birth that my children, all children, are precious light souls of pure connection to Source, but to be reminded of how natural and stunningly powerful that connection truly is has always blown me away. The consistency in my children’s love for everyone is a sight to behold and always invigorates me with my own aspirations to Love in kind.

Thank YOU, fellow Beings of Light, for the gift of healing and insight bestowed upon us; for I Know that I AM Healed and Loved by All That Is.  That everything is as it should be and all for our highest good.  I shall end this devotion with an experience and following message from my Spiritual Team of Sacred Heart Angels:

“My cup is already so full it spilleth over with Love and Light.”

This message was given after a powerful Sacred Heart activation which opened my heart wide. I remember sitting in meditation afterward and feeling the activation sink in.  With each breath I felt my heart open wider and wider still.  It was a surreal experience! It almost felt like my heart was bottoming out and my entire BEing with it!

With each heart-opening I was sent this image of my heart chakra bathed in golden-white light with a pair of amazing opalescent gates to each side like wings of an Angel. Just when it looked like the gates couldn’t be opened any wider they would open even more and you would know they could still be opened wider to infinity.  Instilling in me Peace and Knowing that our hearts can hold an infinite amount of Love; for God is in each and every single one of us and God is Love.

Take care, BE Love!


2 thoughts on “My Sacred Heart

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  1. This was beautiful. A beautiful read, a beautiful vicarious experience for me, a beautiful validation of our paths being divinely paved. What happened between you & Mari makes me so happy! Like, tears filling my eyes upon reading happy!

    For the past week I have been pained with migraines and a state of disconnect, apathy, anti-socialness, and malaise. Feels like old depression symptoms, but I recognize them as something else now: something deeper, something necessary, and something that will inevitably pass as it transmuted into light and higher understanding. But still… in the moment… it sucks. And being allowed insights into your own journey is always inspirational to me but I thought I’d let you know that right now, it’s especially so. So much gratitude for you in my life. 😌 I love you!!!

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    1. I’m so happy and thankful my sharing of Light has reached you so thoroughly! Yay! And I know the process sucks while caught in it, but keep heart because you each time you reach the other side that process becomes easier and easier to bear with your growing awareness! Love you too! ❤️🌟🐢

      Liked by 1 person

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